Monday, May 28, 2012

Balloons and harassment

 There is nothing like a long weekend to make you feel like you need a weekend to recover! We had a family-packed weekend because we were celebrating Faith's 2nd birthday. She doesn't actually turn 2 until Friday, but she didn't mind celebrating a little early on the long weekend. The day started with the most exciting thing possible for a toddler: BALLOONS!

My precious....

She dragged the balloons around with her all day, even when she was trying to "help" my brother-in-law stretch out his back in the morning:

Uncle Nick? What are we looking at? 

 Even before the party started, Faith tired herself out with the balloons and gave herself a little time out...and even for that she held on to her balloons:

I swear there is a toddler in that mound

We waited until after nap time to do presents (otherwise she wouldn't want to leave her new toys to sleep) and she woke up ready to party:

I love my new hat! I feel so pretty.
 Apparently I should have also put my little brother down for a nap with Faith because he passed out on the floor during present opening time. How anyone can fall asleep while a toddler unwraps loud musical presents is a mystery to me, but that didn't stop me from setting up props to take hilarious pictures while he slept:

Hold me.

Marines have to study how to use the potty. Tinkle tinkle toot!

After cake, Faith got to go outside and play with her new sand and water table. This was a big hit (I really liked that it came with an umbrella to keep the sun off my ginger spawn) and if you were wondering, it takes about 10 minutes for a toddler to realized that the point of the table is to dump sand into the water side and laugh manically.

It will never look this clean again.

Hey Peanut, stop drinking my water! That's for splashing only!

The party was a success and I wasn't even lazy like last year (when I got BBQ catering) and made a ton of food for everyone. In all honestly, one of the main reasons I didn't do the BBQ again was that the BBQ place recently burned down. You'd think a BBQ joint would have a good handle on fire management, but I guess not. Faith really enjoyed the party, especially how she was the center of attention the whole time.

Because I really enjoying giving my little brother a hard time, let's laugh at his newest tattoo. Here is an example of his typical tattoo:

Oooo, a big tough badass Marine with a flying swirly head skull. So scary!

Whatever street cred you get from a skull tattoo is completely voided by something like this:

Yes, seriously. 
Fun fact: that tattoo took 8.5 hours. I told him that he can't give me a hard time about the stupidity of running 50 miles in 9.5 hours if he's going to sit for almost that long with a needle repeatedly digging into his flesh. I told him to get a Cookie Monster tattoo next because Faith would like it, but it turns out that Stitch is "cool" but Cookie Monster doesn't make that same cut.

Peanut update:

Peanut still isn't 100% and it was really hard to keep her quiet with house guests and the party. I think she might have overdone it with her excitement and I'm a little worried about how tired she seems. I'm not really sure what to expect as far as recovery, but I may call the vet tomorrow if she still seems so "blah" to me. I know her pretty well and I think she must still feel pretty sick to be so out of sorts.

My mom and older brother even bought her a brand new toy (her favorite kind: the fleece ones that you can shred and make a mess!) and this is all that she did with it:

In my dreams, I'm making a big mess of this on the white carpet

I did have to save her from some harassment during the party. Apparently being male means you think using static electricity to stick balloons to a dog is HILARIOUS. Well, Faith also thought it was really funny. Poor Peanut was just looking at me like: "Please end this".


I went on a group run this morning (8 miles) and Peanut was mad to have to stay home, but my husband said she kicked up a fuss for only a few minutes after I left and then laid down on the couch with her head on his lap because she wore herself out. For reference: normally if I leave her home from a run, she cries the whole time. We don't actually miss the whining, but it's concerning to see a dog who can run for hours become exhausted from 3 minutes of activity. I'm pretty sure I'm worrying for nothing and in a few days I'll be complaining about her driving me nuts asking to go for runs!

What's the funniest tattoo you've ever seen? One time I saw a big dude with a Big Bird tattoo on his calf. That struck me as an odd choice.


  1. There are so many things to comment on. First: toddler mound of balloons. SO CUTE.
    second: was your brother drunk and/or hungover?
    third: oh peanut. get well soon!
    fourth: sand and water table - we have one, it's water on both sides. the kid doesn't know the difference, although the rake is not helpful in the water.

    1. My brother wasn't drunk, and I assume not hungover (he's only 20), but he's always been able to sleep like that and that's why no alarm clocks work for him!

  2. My neighbors had a water table when they were little kids, and I played with it all the time. I was in middle school.

    I hope Peanut just overdid herself, and starts bouncing back again once things calm down.

    I saw a barb wire neck tattoo while I was in a diner once. The guy looked like the kind of person who would have a neck tattoo.

  3. the Stitch tattoo is pretty cool, but not right next to that celtic-band thing. Which came first? the tat that says "I'm original" with no sarcasm? or the one that every frat boy in the country wants/has?

  4. Kathleen HammettMay 28, 2012 at 9:29 PM

    As always, thank you for blogging. Your fluency in sarcasm typically has my over 40 self laughing so hard I have "tears running down my leg." Faith is adorable and I am still praying for Peanut. I think I have more personality traits in common with your dog than I do with most people.
    Happy Birthday Faith!

  5. I love when people fall asleep and you can take funny pictures of them with props. It happens to Eric frequently. Running is way more fun than anything with needles. FACT.

  6. You're a cruel cruel sister. Then again, when I used to take my brother to parties, I'd get drunk and make my brother show everyone his ridiculous tattoos. I think that's when he regretted going to the same college as me.

  7. I had an ex-boyfriend that had his own name tatooed on him. You know, in case he forgot.

    1. It can be so hard to remember your own name.

  8. The toddler blanket package with balloons picture is adorable!

  9. My brother got his tongue pierced in China when he was 14/15 and then he came and visited me in college. I ridiculed him about it for long enough that he "lost the tongue ring" and then never got it done again. Where would little brothers be without slightly cruel but well-intentioned older sisters?

  10. Not sure about the funniest tattoo but the pictures of dead people's faces that people tattoo on themselves always freak me out!

    Poor Peanut-hope she perks up and is back to her normal self very soon!

  11. Happy (early) birthday to Faith! Hope Peanut starts feeling back to normal soon. I am sure you miss running with her!

    Big Bird tattoo...creepy.

  12. Happy (almost) Birthday to Faith! It looks like she had a wonderful time! Lol at your brother with his sleeping and tattoos! I don't like when girls tattoo stuff on their chests, one girl I know had a huge heart shaped lock between her breast with chains coming off it that go up b her collarbones. I don't get that at all.

  13. Happy almost Birthday to Faith! My brother has that same gift for sleep. I hope Peanut feels better soon. I saw a tatoo of a barcode once. I was dying to ask what it rang up, but I didn't have the courage.

  14. I knew a guy that had a "Hi, my name is" sticker tattooed on his chest. I guess he wanted to make sure everyone could figure out his name? And Stitch is boss. He should get "tinkle, tinkle toot" tattooed next to Stitch.

  15. Such cute pictures! Looks like Faith had a great time at her party. I hope Peanut is back to 100% soon!

  16. Bahahaha...that tattoo is AWESOME!! I saw a guy with a tweety bird tattoo once...that was interesting.

    And happy early birthday to Faith!

  17. I saw this big, buff, Jersey Shore type meathead at a laundromat with barbed wire tatooed around one bicep, and on the other arm A UNICORN HEAD WITH PURPLE FLOWERS AROUND IT'S NECK!!! It was really pretty, but really out of place. Lol

  18. That picture of Faith with the bucket on her head brought it back. We have several similar pictures of our kid at that age with the exact same buckets on their heads, milling around like little aliens. I love the toddler mound with balloons photo, too--alas, I have no pictures that good. Happy Big 2 to Faith!

  19. I've always wondered why they don't just call those tables "Mud tables" - I guess that wouldn't be good marketing?

    Poor Peanut! Get better soon!

    I wish I could sleep like your brother!