Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas?

Starting on Friday last week, Cordelia was battling a cold. It didn't seem too severe and she wasn't too bothered by it. On Saturday she was running a fever, but a tiny one (99.3) that barely counted in my book. There was a fair amount of vomiting, but it seemed to be a result of all the phlegm she had going on. She was still acting like herself so we weren't worried about it. On Saturday night we even took her and Faith to a local Christmas farm. We've been having a heat wave so it was actually 68 degrees at 5pm so we were just wearing jackets for show.

Chevron leggings? Really Mommy?

Onward Prancer!

We all look confused here.

Cordelia really liked the Christmas farm and then she ate a little dinner and we put her to bed. As she was drinking her bedtime bottle, she just started vomiting. Once the bulk of it was over, we cleaned her up and got her settled in her crib and she went to sleep. We thought it was all over, but around 1am she woke up again and she was just coughing and crying. My husband and I took turns soothing her all night. It was pretty bad because even when I was holding her, she was softly whining and moaning and she was just miserable. She was also breathing like she was out of breath, even when she was sleeping. I couldn't tell if she was just really congested or if it was something more serious. It reminded me of when Faith had pneumonia last year, but I'm also prone to late night panicking about sick kids.

In the morning we decided that she needed to see a doctor today, even though it was Sunday. She was just miserable and sad and we couldn't get her to keep anything down, even Pedialyte. I took her over to the hospital (they have an ER and urgent care) and luckily, it was almost empty. That was especially fortuitous when Cordelia vomited all over the waiting room floor, as that would have been much worse if the room was full of witnesses. Even though it was quiet there, it wasn't quick to go through the process and it was a long wait with a very unhappy baby.

For a while, I was convinced they were going to send me home with nothing because they said her chest sounded clear and her ears looked good. The doctor ordered a chest X-ray and while I was waiting for those results, Cordelia passed out (they had given her some medicine for her fever and nausea). While I was hanging out with the sleeping baby, the doctor came back and told me that the X-ray showed some pneumonia in Cordelia's lungs. They sent me home with prescriptions for antibiotics and Zofran for nausea. Normally they would have made us wait in the ER until she could show that she could keep down some Pedialyte but I couldn't get her to wake up to drink, so they just sent us home.

Pretty much, but crankier

Lights on, in a noisy ER

Since she's been on the Zofran, she's only vomited twice and it was just a little amount. She was also able to rest last night which made everyone happier. Today is she is drinking more Pedialyte and she has been eating a few pretzels and a little bit of ramen (mmm salt). She has this terrifying wet cough that sounds like she might actually cough up a lung, but at least she doesn't seem to be as uncomfortable as she was on Saturday night. We're taking her to her normal doctor tomorrow and hopefully then we'll have a better idea of how she's doing.

Stop smiling Mommy. I'm SICK.

Now for Christmas the top item on my list is that whatever Cordelia has isn't contagious.

Have you ever been sick on Christmas? I was once as a kid and I recall it as a great tragedy.


  1. Yes, I had the measles when I was six. Had to stay in a darkened room "so I wouldn't go blind." Or something.

    My youngest, when he was six, ran a fever of 104 for 2 weeks over Christmas before I finally took him to the doctor. Worst. Mother. Ever. That's what happens when you are the last of the pack.

  2. Does a hangover count? :)

    My friend and her kids have been sick on Christmas the last two years. Last year the whole family was sick, and her baby was born on the 26th. How fun!

  3. Ugh dude that totally sucks. I was on crutches one year, and my family all shared a round of stomach flu one Christmas. Nothing says 'familial bliss and holiday memories' like sharing a bathroom with my brothers as we alternated vomiting.

    Needless to say, I hope Cordelia is blissfully non-contagious.

  4. My husband and three year old had the flu on Christmas years ago. It is so sad to see a little kid that isn't even excited for presents. Poor Cordelia...I hope she feels better soon!

  5. Ugh so sorry! I'm glad she's doing better, baby vomiting scares the hell out of me.

    I had to have my tonsils removed during winter break when I was in high school and my mom wouldn't let me go out on NYE. It seemed like a tragedy at the time.

  6. Poor thing! And poor you (and husband)! That's one of the things that makes me nervous about having kids- the sicknesses. I get a cold maybe once a year (good teacher immunity) and I have terrible bedside manner. Yet another adjustment!

  7. Awww -- poor thing. Both of you, really.

    Evan came down with the croup last week (seemingly out of nowhere - it's terrifying to hear that cough in the middle of the night) and I've been waiting for everyone else to get sick. Dan lost his voice, and Livie has a wet cough - but nothing like E. I hope nobody else in your house gets it -- and that Cordelia is feeling better on Christmas!

  8. Poor baby! I remember having a bad ear infection one year leading up to Christmas, but I don't remember if I was sick on the actual day.

    When I worked in retail, I was *always* sick during the holidays. Just from working so much, not enough sleep and being around the general public (ew).

  9. I missed Christmas in 2010. I woke up before just as my girls were stirring to see what Santa had brought. Throat on fire, ears pounding and a seal-bark cough seemingly out of nowhere. I slept all day, missed meals at both sets of parents' houses and didn't even realize it. When to Urgent Care the morning after and swabbed positive for strep and the flu PLUS bronchial and sinus infections. Drugs galore through New Years. It was such a bummer! We all talk about the year Mom missed Christmas.

  10. Glad to hear that she is feeling better! I'm currently in the hospital, baby #2 decided to make an early appearance. I'm hoping to be discharged in time for Christmas Day.

  11. Oh, man. Poor thing. Sick babies are the saddest. I hope she's getting better and you all can enjoy Christmas without any presents from the puke fairy.

  12. I hope Cordelia feels better. Poor thing. It's no fun to be sick on Christmas:(

  13. Awww, here's to Cordelia feeling better quickly...opposed to slowly! ;)

  14. Poor kid! I hope she feels better soon! For everyone's sake. I had a stomach bug on Christmas once when I was a teenager, but that's it. I was fine one minute, stuffing my face with Christmas dinner at my grandparents' and then I remember all at once feeling flush and feverish. I remember thinking, "Man, I hope I'm not coming down with something." A few minutes later I was hugging the toilet bowl.

  15. Must be the season! My little guy started puking about 4 days ago and is aaallmost back to normal now. Hate having a sick infant over the holidays - especiallyl away from home. Hoping the plane ride back will be unpukeful