Thursday, December 19, 2013

The good and the bad

First, the good:

Today was 15 degrees warmer than yesterday so my run much more comfortable (for me, I don't think the baby cares). I lucked out and the baby took an extra long stroller nap today so I was able to get 8 miles done. It's nice to finish a run and feel like I'm tired and done versus just ending it because the baby is tired of the stroller.

You need to provide in-flight entertainment

Beyond laughing at my hat, which I do notice.

My husband is back from work travel! He wasn't gone that long, but days without my treadmill count extra. Even though he got to go someplace warm, I wasn't envious of his trip at all when he told me about the clusterfuck of going through security. They should just wave him through because he doesn't even look like a terrorist.

But seriously, he is going to do this new TSA program of getting prescreened so you don't have to through the normal security lines. If you travel a lot and haven't heard of that yet, you're welcome.

It's going to be in the 70s this weekend! I can't wait to break out the shorts and go frolic outside.

I could watch this all day

And the bad:

Can we discuss this article? This Representative from GA has suggested that poor kids who qualify for free lunch should have to do janitorial work to "earn" it.

Under the guise of wanting to teach kids that there "no such thing as a free lunch," Rep. Kingston wants young kids to have to sweep the cafeteria floors in exchange for their meal. Stuff like this makes my head actually hurt. As if poor kids aren't already self conscious, let's make them do manual labor while the rich kids get to go play! To be fair, you can't just hand out fancy food like this. It teaches the wrong life lesson.

The only ones actually eating this are the hungry kids

A long time ago, I knew I could never be a nurse. It's not that I can't handle some grossness, it's really that I don't like people enough. Since I've had kids, I've found another reason I can't be a nurse: I panic at the sight of blood.

Cordelia's new favorite game is climbing on and off the coffee table. It makes me nervous, but she loves it so I'm trying to chill out and just let her be a kid (baby?). She has fallen off twice now and it didn't slow her down, but it was enough for me so I was thinking about moving the coffee table to the basement until she's 15.

Today she was playing on the table and she slid off and plopped right on her butt. I was surprised when she started crying, but it was 30 minutes until nap time so I blamed fatigue. I was holding her and she was rubbing her face on my shoulder as she cried and when she lifted her head, all I could see was blood. Between the crying and face rubbing, it was everywhere and I couldn't find the source. I checked her teeth, her lips, her face...nothing looked hurt! But the blood kept coming, so I panicked and called my husband. He calmly suggested that perhaps she bit her tongue.

Pretty much as soon as I talked to him, the bleeding stopped and I felt stupid for panicking. It was just tiny cut on her tongue and she didn't even care about it after the first five minutes.

Put me down so I can go climb the coffee table again!

Fun fact of the day: blood looks funny on black tech fabric.

Not dirt, I swear

Our basement now has a coffee table. I wonder what she'll find next for her baby daredevil games?

What are your opinions on the manual labor for a school lunch idea? Feel free to call me a bleeding heart liberal socialist for being against it.

Do you panic at the sight of blood? I used to be fine with it, until I had kids.


  1. I must look very Wonder Bread, because the last few times I traveled domestically I got waved over to the TSA pre-screening like and it is insanely fast. Plus, SHOES STAY ON! The height of travel convenience. Manual labor for school lunches is the stupidest idea I've heard in a while. Ridiculous. My high school (private, but religious and not at all rich/fancy) had a thing where kids could either pay $100 every semester or their parents could have a Saturday work day to do stuff like mow lawns/repaint buildings. If you have to get remuneration for crappy lunches, I would prefer that method. (Although now that I think about it, some parent will cut their arm off with a chainsaw while working and sue the school, so that would never actually work.)

    1. Now you can be a shoe bomber! THE PATH IS CLEAR!

  2. I am fine with blood. The sight of someone's broken, dangling arm though makes me want to throw up, though.
    As for lunches, I wish we could designate our tax money to what we think is worthy, because that is where I would start putting my money. Little kids don't ask to be poor or hungry. It is even sadder in the summer when the can't rely on school for breakfast or lunch.

    1. I wish I could not only insist on putting my money there, I'd also like the lunches to be a higher quality. They don't have to be organic kale salads, but it doesn't have to be once frozen, fried twice food every day.

  3. Maybe if you had shown Cordelia the Alcide Hotness gif, she would have stopped crying sooner. HA!

    But seriously, mouth injuries are painful and that really sucks. At least she didn't bite all the way through or catch her lip. Poor kiddo. That's a lot of blood all over her and you!

    Manual labor for lunch? That is the dumbest thing I ever read. Because poor kids need even more reasons to be made to feel inferior. Morons.

  4. Manual labor for free school lunch seriously makes me lose it. As if those kiddos don't get ostracized enough for having to eat the "free" lunch? Let's ask the wealthier children how they earn their lunches from their parents since clearly, they must be doing extra chores also to learn that there is nothing free in life, right? So awful.

  5. Okay - the kids aren't poor, their parents are!!! People need to stop acting like the kids have any choice in this situation.

  6. I'm sorry, what? Sweep the floor for perhaps the only meal they'll get that day? Fuck you, Rep. Kingston.

  7. First of all - did you HAVE to brag about your good weather? We are about to have our fourth storm in a week and there is nowhere left to put the snow!!!!!!!!!! There are 6 foot drifts and 20 foot banks and it's still 2 days until "winter." AARRGGHH!!!!!

    Blood doesn't bother me. It's vomit I can't handle.

    Being Canadian, I don't know this Kingston dude, but it boggles the mind. Seriously, I can't even think of a response, serious or otherwise. I am dumbfounded. Speechless - like a bad dream that you can't wake up from.

  8. I'm not great with blood. I also found out I'm not good with weird broken bones either. Especially when they are visibly all bent out of shape-ewww. I completely agree, this is a horrible idea to make kids "earn" their meal. I can't even put into words how awful I think this is.

  9. TSA Pre-screen = AWESOME. I practically danced through security, shoes and light sweater STILL ON, and computer, iPad, Kindle (yes, I'm a walking tech convention) still in my bag. GLOOOOORIOUS! Except during my most recent pass through, the dude in front of me missed the memo (and massive signs) announcing that shoe removal/jacket removal/bag emptying wasn't required. He still participated in all those shenanigans. The folks in line behind him participated in a fair amount of eye rolling.

    I don't think I would have thought of the tongue, either. Your husband is a genius.

  10. Haha that kid is going to take years off your life. :) Just so you know...heads bleed a LOT. Even little things. Also, if your kid gets hurt in a pool...don't panic. Blood mixes with the water and it looks a million times worse than it is. I was life guarding once when a kid got a bloody nose. It seriously looked like he was dying (he FREAKED out) b/c it looked like there was SO much blood...but really it was red water.

    The same kid also wouldn't let the nurse put gauze in his nose because "it would absorb his brains and the zombies would come." <-- don't let your kids watch too much tv.

    Also kids working for their lunches is awful. They're just kids! But I'm all for having their parents come do work on the weekends or something.

    1. I have a huge problem with that. A lot of those parents are already working two jobs, trying to support their families on minimum wage. A lot are also in school on top of that, trying to better themselves. Having them take the VERY small amount of time they do get with their kids isn't right. As it is, people bitch about those same parents "not spending any time with their kids", not helping them with their homework, etc.

  11. So many kids I work with come in to school on Monday mornings with belly aches because they haven't eaten all weekend. It's very sad. None of them choose the life they live. It's ridiculous to make them work for food. I do wish there was a way to show kids that if they work hard in school they won't have to follow in their parents footsteps and perpetuate the cycle of being poor. A boy I worked with told me I should quit my job and collect welfare and that's what he was going to do when he graduated. Oy! Something is wrong with the system in my opinion but making kids who don't get enough to eat do manual work while their peers play and subjecting them to more ridicule is just sick.

  12. Manual labor for kids on the free lunch would be a disaster. Not only will it make them feel worthless, it will expose them to bullying, and foster feelings of resentment.

    I realize that this is not at all the same as needing the free lunch and being mocked for it, but I went to a private girls high school that had a program in which girls could work after school, cleaning in exchange for reduced tuition. Sophmore year, my parents signed me up for this. Most girls got a classroom to clean, but they were out of classrooms, so it was my job to sweep all the staircases. One day, I was sweeping and some girls walked by, and I heard one of them say, "I'm glad MY parents aren't so poor that I have to do that." To this day, that remark still stings.

    So it would be 10,000 times worse for kids in Georgia who are forced to work for their very sustenance. Disgusting.

  13. I can't read that article because based on your description it will cause me to have a rage stroke and then I won't be able to enjoy the upcoming day doing holiday activity with said "poors" (all but 3 of my kids get free lunch, and the other 3 get reduced, and EVERYONE gets free breakfast). Just thinking about that makes me so mad I didn't even dry heave at your blood story.

    1. Also, how would that even be enforced? The kids who's parents don't come in don't get to eat?

  14. My sister does the TSA pre screen thing and she said that going through airport security now is like traveling back in time to 1996 and it's glorious.

    I'm not going to read the article because I'm already pissed about it as it is. That is ridiculous. Let's make these kids feel even WORSE about their situation. Great idea.

    Way to go, mom. Why'd you have to take away all of Cordelia's fun?

  15. How about if ALL of the kids start doing manual labor for their lunches? It's not like the rich kids "earned" their food either.

    My mom says that this is how it was when she was going to school back in the 1960s. If you couldn't afford lunch, you worked in the cafeteria to pay for it. She said that all of the poor kids would smell like the cafeteria dumpster after lunch because of it, which I am sure didn't add to their feelings of inferiority or anything.

  16. I just saw your Twitter tagline (and read your particularly judgmental posts about certain bloggers). I'd like to give you a different perspective:
    "Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy." -Isaac Newton
    I don't understand how it's possible for someone to be alternately so compassionate and awful to other human beings.

  17. RAGE at the idea of kids being made to work for free lunch...rage, rage, rage! Besides which, if there are jobs needing to be done at the school, let's hire an adult who needs the work, not require some poor kid who can't help his circumstances to do it.

  18. Newt Gingrich suggested this poor-and-hungry-kids-should-work-for-their-lunch idea when he was running for president in the last election. He was properly lambasted for it, so I'm surprised this rep is pushing the same ridiculous (and racist) suggestion.

  19. What's wrong with this country that we can't provide free food to school children w/o some idiot remarks from 'politicians'!! Disgusted, and you are right on target. Thanks.