Monday, June 9, 2014

Kennedy Krieger visit and a dog with a turkey problem

I had a pretty fancy birthday weekend. I got to go out for a nice dinner with my husband, complete with fancy drinks.

I didn't even get carded

Faith assisted in the preparation of Saturday morning pancakes. She knows the recipe better than I do (she reminded me that we hadn't added the butter) so maybe I should say that I assist her in the preparation.

She needs her own cooking show

On Friday morning, we took Faith up to Kennedy Krieger for a follow up visit/more testing. The results were promising. She's still delayed, especially in receptive and expressive language, but she showed improvements so the therapy is working. This means we don't have to do the all day neurological testing (for now) and we will bring her back in six months for more testing to make sure she's still improving. They seemed optimistic that it was possible that Faith could be largely caught by kindergarten, which is fantastic news. Actually in some areas, like counting and spatial understanding, she scored in the 5-6 year old range so I wasn't off base thinking she's advanced in some areas while still delayed in others. The specialist agreed that pulling her from the small special education public classroom was a good choice and that we should keep her in classes with small class sizes but with typical peers, even if that means choosing private school over public.

Instead of one overarching diagnosis, she has three co-existing diagnosis (language delay, low muscle tone, and an anxiety disorder). The language delay and muscle tone issues are things that we can correct with therapy and time. The anxiety piece will be more complicated, but we have an appointment with her regular doctor this week where we'll talk about supplementing her therapy with a low dose of medication. She's a little young for it, but the specialist said she had patients on it at her age with good results and it would be beyond wonderful to see Faith be able to relax and enjoy life more.

On a lighter note, here's a baby laughing while on a swing.

I'm not laughing, I'm smirking

On an even lighter note, here's Peanut with a turkey lunch meat round stuck to her back. The baby threw it to her and it got stuck on there and for about ten minutes, the dog didn't even notice. I was cracking up and I had to take a picture.

Can't look at the camera, I'm busy begging

Then she realized that the turkey was on her back and the hilarity level went up a few notches.

Meal time is never dull around here.

Do you make pancakes from scratch or from a mix? I can have Faith make an instructional video if you need help on making them scratch. It can be the start of her viral series "If a 4 year old can do it..."

Do you enjoy mocking your pets? This is a stupid question, the answer is just "yes". Maybe the better question is "How do you enjoy mocking your pets?"


  1. I enjoy mocking bungee but she's so pathetic recently it's not worth it. Poor neglected pup.

    That's awesome about faith doing better!!

  2. The girls chased the cat around the house with plastic bananas for 10 minutes yesterday, trying to pet her/make her eat them/generally be crazy. The cat kept stopping to try to sniff the bananas, so I think she thought they really were food--and then she'd get disgruntled that they still smelled like plastic, bat them around, and run off again.

    It was awesome.

    That's great that Faith is making so much progress! Also great to hear a doctor (a specialist even) back up your feelings that Faith was really ahead in certain areas. As my pediatrician would say with a toss of his hands, "Oh, she's soooo advanced!".

  3. I make pancakes from scratch every sunday. And I don't even use any measuring cups. Because I'm better than you.

    1. I use measuring cups because I care about quality and consistency :P

    2. If you actually cared about consistency instead of just claiming to, you'd use a scale instead of a measuring cup, but that's besides the point since you're just saying it to be contrary.

  4. Happy Birthday!!
    And great news about Faith's progress. It must feel so great to know that she is progressing!
    Pancakes from scratch for the win. . . .but what add-ins are musts for you? I am partial to blueberries, but my husband loves banana and chocolate chips. My daughter loves all variations.

  5. super encouraging news on Faith's progress! Also nice to get some validation on tough choices with school/therapy.

  6. HOORAY FAITH!!!! That is seriously so exciting and awesome - any improvement is good improvement - and it must also make you feel like a great parent, too. Which you are! It's always nice to have your choices validated when it comes to your kids, and I only wish you could take that doctor over to the special ed preschool and be like I TOLD YOU SO.

    That Peanut video cracked me up. Did she finally figure out how to get it off?

  7. So glad to hear that Faith is improving!

    And who doesn't love mocking pets, at least a little bit? I taught my old dog to hold a treat on his nose and not eat he would just sit there, staring cross eyed and drooling, until he got permission to eat it. He always got it, so I never felt bad about it...he was willing to do anything for food!

  8. Glad faith is doing better!

    I feel like most pancake mixes are just flour and baking soda, since you add the milk and eggs, so what's the point?
    When I was in high school we had a cat. When my grandparents would come over with their toy poodle, he would try to play with the cat, but the cat wasn't interested. One time the dog tried chasing the cat, and the cat jumped up on a chair, the dog didn't notice and then kept chasing around and around until he realized the cat was just staring down at him like, "Peasants, how amusing."

  9. Oh man if they carded you, you probably would have gotten a free dessert:)

  10. Dumb dogs are the funniest.

    Gab had to do the neuro testing after her chemo, and motherfucker it was the longest longest longest process ever. Glad Faith is responding to the therapy!!

  11. Yay for Faith!

    What drink did you get? Glad to see you are preparing.

    I don't make pancakes. If I'm actually going to cook breakfast (extremely rare) I'm going for a nice cheesy omelet.

  12. What's your homemade pancake recipe? I've tried a few different ones but they all come out tasting like salty flour sponges.

    1. Here's my recipe!

      1.5 c. flour
      2tbs sugar
      2tsp baking soda
      1tsp salt
      1 1/4 cup milk
      3tsb melted butter
      2 eggs

      I add M&Ms to the kid's pancakes :)

  13. Pet mocking is mandatory and fun for pet owners. My favourite game is to squirt frosting onto both of my dogs to watch them lick it off each other. Hilarious!

  14. Our dog constantly steals food off the counter. And our dog hates the $5 Halloween costume we bought him as a joke. So after stealing yet ANOTHER loaf of bread off the counter he got to wear the costume of shame. (Unfortunately that hasn't deterred him from stealing more bread since then.)

  15. Totally nosy question - has Faith been to a geneticist?

    1. We took our daughter to KK - probably seeing the same team! For two years before she was "released."

    2. Not yet! As long as she's catching up, they are going to hold off on more extensive testing. I even was finally able to get her potty trained so her muscles are also catching up which is really promising!

    3. Just wondering - her "symptoms," if you will, sound identical to my daughter's - we found it a lot easier to get services once we had a diagnosis.

    4. Glad that she is catching up too - (my comment box froze!) I am looking forward to pity training days. Ours is a muscle issue - her mind is willing (and impatient) but her body is unwilling to cooperate!

    5. Faith has been out of diapers for almost two weeks now. It was a long, long road but eventually she learned to hold it and it's great seeing her be so proud of herself now!

  16. Random pet story for no reason: This morning I was feeding the hamster and I heard him eating. So I figure I'll see what he's up to and give him some love. Well, he's upside down, almost completely covered by bedding which I've never seen before, so of course I think, "Omg, this is the end. He's going to die" because I like to think the worst. So I move his igloo and he squeals, which I've also never heard. Maybe he was dreaming and not eating? Maybe he's a teeth grinder and it just sounds like eating? Anyway, he's alive and I basically scared the shit out of him and felt terrible.
    /your monthly rodent story

    Now that I wrote that out, I realize how much better your lunch meat story is but it's too late to delete it now.