Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nerding all over the place

I know not everyone is into the Game of Thrones TV show, so bear with me here while I have a nerd moment about Sunday's episode.

Too soon man, too soon

I don't want to give away any spoilers since those are worth at least 50 internet demerit points, but I want to say that having my one of my favorite fantasy fight scenes and kung fu combine themselves was a high point in my nerd life.

Pedro Pascal (the actor who played Oberyn Martell) had a good introduction to the art of combat, way back in the day.

Season 4, The Freshmen

That's right people, Game of Thrones meets kung fu meets BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

I'm going to save that Pedro Pascal with a spear GIF to send to anyone who asks why I have a random spear in my basement, just to illustrate why spears are so awesome.  Cue Brian leaving a snarky comment about how he was always better at the spear than me, even though we both know his wife could kick both of our asses on her worst day.

Yes, this was a whole post about one episode of a TV show that you may or may not watch. Don't worry, tomorrow we will return to the regular programming of exciting tales of driving my minivan to the gym to take low impact Zumba with the gray hairs and how my cat has a strong affinity for food that the kids throw to her, even stuff I was pretty sure that cats wouldn't eat.

She won't be 5lbs for long

What would be your dream show combination/cross over? I've given this a lot of thought (I have to do something when the pain wakes me up at night) and I think I'd pick a Buffy/Supernatural crossover if I was given only one choice. If I was given multiple choices, well I have a list.


  1. I never learned spear, but I'm sure I'm still better at it than you.

  2. I WISH there was a Buffy/Supernatural crossover. They do mention her in a couple of episodes and Cordelia, Spike, Tara and Harmony are in episodes, but it's just not the same.

    Who knew that the nerdy guy in the Freshman would turn out SO much more attractive...it's got to be the facial hair.

    1. In my mind, Buffy and Dean fall in love. IT'S A BEAUTIFUL LOVE.

  3. Not exactly a crossover but I like to imagine that Doakes from Dexter and Hank from Breaking Bad are off fighting crime together in some alternate universe.

  4. Prince Oberyn was on Buffy?? MIND BLOWN. I'm so glad i stayed up way late last night to watch, it's worth feeling like death today. I would want some sort of Uncle Jesse/Jillian Michaels combo.

  5. Pretty much anything I write had the potential to be a spoiler. But I need to say the whole Sansa thing pissed me off. My son and I (book readers) kept pausing the show and exchanging glowers while my husband (non book reader) kept shouting at us to stop it with the fucking pausing and dirty looks. Okay...shutting up and retreating into GoT book nerd corner now.

  6. Dexter/Law and Order SVU crossover, so Dexter can get caught and jailed by actual competent detectives.

  7. I finally caved and got HBO about two weeks ago. I am on Season 3 and rapidly catching up. The show is phenomenal

  8. Crossover? I want a Mindy Project/Walking Dead crossover show. The fanfic would be epic.

  9. I scrolled through all the boring show I don't watch stuff to get to the funny bits. Colour me disappointed.