Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lyrica is kicking my ass

Since I "graduated" from my back surgeon's office, I went to go see my primary care doctor to figure out a game plan for moving forward. We were on the same page with trying to put on getting more steroids injected into my spine, but something had to be done to try to reduce my pain so I could subsequently reduce the amount of pills I'm popping everyday. Now I'm trying a drug called Lyrica that (in theory) will reduce my nerve pain in my legs.

You can't (shouldn't?) just start taking the full dose of Lyrica right away and you also can't just stop cold turkey. It's one of those drugs that has to build in your system and my doctor told me to give it four weeks to see results. The fun part is that while it can take weeks to work, the side effects start right away. Common side effects include:



Mental confusion

Feeling "high"

Today is my first day of taking the full dosage and I'm a little concerned that I've been left in charge of two other human lives. I've never taken a medication that had "confusion" as a possible side effect, and I haven't been missing out.

"Huh, what?" is my new motto

I don't really feel "high" but I don't really feel like my normal self either. It's weird.

I'm already pretty sensitive to drugs that cause drowsiness so when you combine that with the baby's awful sleep, I'm really struggling to keep my eyes open.

The very helpful Lyrica website says that on average, the sleepiness symptom persisted in patients like me (who take the drug for a spinal cord injury) for only 1.5 weeks. I just have to gut it out and hope that the symptom subsides. For some people, the side effects never subside, which will really bode well for my children's future.

There is no real point to this post other than warning you to perhaps lower your expectations for my blog posts for the next week or so. I may just end up falling asleep at my computer like an 80 year old watching the 6pm news and only half write a blog post. That may or may not have happened yesterday.

If this drug actually works, this will all be worth it. If it doesn't, that will just fit in nicely with my luck so far. It would be just hilarious if I go through all these side effects and still end up needing another series of spine injections in the near future.

It's a really good thing I don't have an actual job where higher thinking or adult conversation is required. My kids don't even notice my diminished mental capacity and it actually helps me tolerate watching an episode of "Peppa Pig" with them. I don't understand why that pig has to be British. We didn't fight the Revolutionary War for our kids to grow up saying things with an English accent because of Peppa Fucking Pig.

Maybe I should rescind that statement about how I'm now tolerating that show.

What's the worst medication you've ever had to take? Before this, I would say the intense high dose antibiotic regimen I had to do when I had an infection in my stomach lining. That was no fun at all, but at least it was short.


  1. We all tune out to the LONG list of side effects in the commercials until we have deal with it ourselves. The BEST medicine I ever had to take was Valium and the worst was definitely chemo (which brings us back to our favorites and Zofran which makes chemo highly tolerable).

  2. at least you don't have to get a poop transfusion.

  3. Oh, we lowered our expectations for your blog long ago. Done and DONE.

    There are bad medications? I've always found them wonderful. You embrace that mental confusion, girl.

  4. I hope you put up some really incoherent blog posts with gifs that make no sense at all. Milk this for all it's worth.

    Worst/Best medicine ever? The liquid codine I had to drink when I had my tonsils out at age 22. No pill swallowing, just thick, nasty tasting liquid that was so awful I decided I would rather deal with the pain than drink it. Dumb.

  5. Consider anything that takes the edge off Peppa Pig a win. I hate those animated, snorting assholes.

    1. I don't understand why both of my kids go nuts for that show. THERE IS NO PLOT, JUST SNORTING

    2. I love and hate Peppa Pig. They show the same 12 episodes in random order on Nick Jr. All the time. We will make your kids like Peppa!!

      I haven't seen the pigs in a few days so I will probably giggle when I hear the snorting. Wait there's no plot?

  6. So much sympathy for you. I was Neurontin (gabapentin) for awhile, which I believe is fairly similar to Lyrica. I took it as an antiseizure med, though my doctor wanted to try it because it can also lower anxiety (and I can be a little high strung, so to speak...). First off all, I hated that I had to take it 3 times a day. I was in school at the time and was always forgetting to take my 2nd dose because I didn't want to be popping pills in the middle of class. But the worst part was that I would have episodes of seeing double. This never happened to me before I started the Neurontin and hasn't happened again since I stopped taking it. Most of the time it would happen in the morning if I dosed before I ate breakfast, which made running in the morning very...interesting. But it also happened later in the day, including a few times while I was driving, which was really scary. At that point my doctor agreed that I should go back on my previous antiseizure med, especially since the Neurontin was making me MORE anxious. Speaking of which, I've taken benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin) for insomnia and they were magical.

  7. Good luck! And remember that they're listing all the side effects people got, so some people got fewer, some people got none, and some people got it bad. You might be in that middle group and get few/no side affects, anything's possible.

  8. If those meds mean more insane rev war jokes, I'm all for it.

  9. I think I've been lucky so far and haven't had to take any medication that gave me horrible side effects. Although one time I tried to teach on Benadryl and thought I was going to die.

  10. Pepper Pig lol...my daughter loves that annoying pig. Good luck with Lyrica and be careful...it has some serious side effects, my mom took it a couple of years ago before she passed (no it's no what killed her!) and her delirium and suicidal thoughts were so bad they pulled her off of it :/

  11. The gifs in this were spot on. Can't stop laughing at Christian Bale.

  12. I've been lucky and haven't had to take many meds. Codeine makes me see double so I try to stay away at all costs. I have a friend that has horrible migraines and was on a med for awhile that made her stupid. She is one of the smartest people I have ever met and within 15 minutes of taking a pill, she couldn't add 5 + 8. I had a coworker that would ask if she had just taken her meds before asking a complicated question. She finally had to go off of them because she couldn't stand being stupid.

  13. You hate Peppa? Being Aussie, I worry about my kids speaking with an American accent because of all the US shows on TV so Peppa Pig rules in our house. I'm actually taking mine to see a live show tomorrow.

  14. Thankfully I haven't spent much time on any medication. But I will say that Larium (anti-malaria medication) is both trippy and scary. I had the most vivid dreams of my entire life on it; and while that doesn't seem so bad, dreaming of a killer with a knife in your house, stalking your Mom, in vivid detail, is pretty awful. However, the following night's Technicolor version of "Under the Sea" was pretty awesome....

  15. Hahahah you leave that fucking pig alone, she is my British bitch and I own her! It is enough that we have to be plagued with your dumbass Dora.....if I have to hear OH MAAAAANNNNNNN *in squally american accent one more time I think I might vom....really.

  16. HHHHHHH thanx