Thursday, July 31, 2014

Passing the Torch

I'm sure there is a scientific explanation for why we are having unbelievably nice weather here in Maryland, but I don't know it. All I know is that 70 degrees in July feels amazing and I want to spend all day outside. On Tueday night, my running club hosted a "Track Series" event at a local high school and they wanted to do kid races before the real adult races started. I'm always interested in new ways to tire my kids out, so I brought them out to test their speed on the track.

Where have you brought me? What is this crap?

The first event was a 100 yard dash and both kids "raced" it. Well, Faith raced it. Cordelia went as fast as she wanted. That kid is an ultrarunner at heart, I've been saying that since I was pregnant with her. She's all about the long game.

I was surprised how serious Faith was about the races. She was very focused on running as fast as she could and she did really well. She even ran a 200, which is a long way to sprint when you're four years old!

Foot over the line, DQ!

If you're wondering why she's not wearing sneakers, it's because I'm a lazy parent. See, in the summer I don't do socks for the kids. I hate laundry, but I LOATHE kid sock laundry. When it's warm, I just put them in sandals or Crocs everyday and I didn't realize until yesterday that I don't even have size 13 sneakers so Faith had to just wear her sandals. It didn't seem to slow her down.

I prefer my zero drop sandals for an authentic running experience

The best part about the kids track events is that Cordelia can do it too. Most of the stuff that Faith gets to do (gymnastics, Kid Fit, etc) Cordelia has to just watch and wait. I'm not saying she wanted to run, but she could have if she wanted.

You want me to run HOW far?

I demand a piggy back ride!

Cordelia was much more interested in the side game of soccer going on. By interested, I mean "wanted to steal their ball".

Can't catch me!

The important thing was that by the end of the kid events, both of my kids were sweaty and worn out. I'd say I got my money's worth, but the event is free for 6 and under so that would be a lie.

Look how well they run...when it's not the actual race

Faith adored the track event and has been talking about it non-stop since last night. She's asking me when she can run another race so I guess I need to find a 5K with a kid's fun run. I may have to enlist (beg) a running friend to run with her because she runs way faster than I can walk. Those long legs are finally paying off for her!

On a semi-related note, it was hilarious how at least two of my running friends didn't recognize me right away because I was wearing normal clothes and had my hair down. Next time I'll just skip my post gym shower so I'm more recognizable.

After the track meet, we went to McDonald's which was a horrible decision because it was trainee night or something and the drive thru took forever and also because I just found out that they put dairy in the chicken nuggets. Why would they do that?? It was OK for last night because all Cordelia wanted were the fries and apple slices.

On a non-kid running related note, I finally got feed back on sending in clothes to that company ThredUp. For those who don't know, it's a website that has gently used clothing for really good prices, all from brands you've heard of and probably like. I bought a dress and a few shirts from the site and I was really happy with it so I sent in a giant bag of clothing that I wasn't wearing any more. I was surprised by what they took and what they didn't take, but out of my big bag they took 11 items and I got $27 for it all. That's not a ton of money, but it was easy to send it in and it wasn't like I was wearing the stuff anyway. I was amused to go through my items and see that a few have sold already and those were things that were just stagnating in my closet for years. Anyway, I guess I give my seal of approval to the site, despite all of the negative reviews out there, so if you want to check it out, here's the link.

If you use that link and actually buy anything, I get money which I promise to use to buy non-age appropriate clothing and then post selfies of myself standing in it with a sorority arm and sucking in my stomach.

You have my word

Do you ever run on a track? I was surprised by all of the people who seemed to be doing their run on the track, like not speed work, just regular miles. People say the treadmill is boring, but the track has to be a new low.

Used clothing, do you ever buy it? I will for the kids, but rarely for myself. Kid stuff is easier because their stuff can really be hardly worn because kids grow so fast. I don't normally have the patience for thrift stores, so that's why I was drawn to the ThredUp site because you can just filter it until you are just looking at stuff that would actually fit you.


  1. Do Cordelia's giant cheek jowls slow her down when running? Like a parachute? That kid has huge pinchable cheeks. I bet those would go for a pretty penny on the black market.

    1. Her cheeks jiggle when she runs. It's pretty hilarious.

  2. Mike is trying to convince me that Leif should never wear shoes so he's a better runner than we are. He'd be all about the sandal running.

  3. I buy thrift clothes for me, mostly because I lost a buttload of weight and the thought of re-buying full-priced everything makes my teeth hurt. And also I am weird, and like to dress like it, so shopping at thrift stores is sorta fun. I can only do it in very small increments, though, since the girls are always with me--we have to have lots of snacks, and there has to be a toy section for me to bribe them with.

    The other week I found four half price tagged My Little Pony shirts that had been 'hidden' in with the women's pants...I bought them for my five year old to wear to sleep in, cackling at the thought of a sobbing bronie searching desperately for his lost treasure after we'd left. It totally made my day!

  4. Your kids are adorable! When my cousin was visiting with her two boys (7/9) I took on racing them around a park to try to wear them out and wow they definitely out ran me without even trying.

    So that ThredUp site - the reviews are questionable on people trying to sell through them, AND they make you give up your email to even browse. As a marketer, I get it for a new business, but as a consumer I'm very put off by it. I hate that ModCloth does that too for their sale section. And random gripe over...

    1. I stopped caring about handing out my email a long time ago so that didn't register with me at all :) I did see all the negative reviews about selling stuff to them, but my experience was fine. It was easy to get a bag and free to ship it all to them and they were prompt about explaining the process and then getting back to me about what they kept from my bag and how much money I get. Bonus, now I have room in my closet and drawers!

  5. I like that faith has decided to run in luna sandals. I have the plain clothes/running clothes problem when i see running club people around town too. Looks like Cordelia took pick-up soccer a little too literally.

    I do speedwork at track with the run group. Regular runs around a track sound terrible, I'd have to at least switch directions. I'm interested in thredup. Buying and selling. I've found a couple quality items at goodwill but I'm rarely in the right mood for clothing - hunting. Which is why I rarely go to marshalls/ross. Please buy some non age appropriate clothing and sorority arm the shit out of it on your IG. Repost on your blog 2 days later for new content.

  6. I used to avoid the track and do speedwork on the streets. It worked well in my neighborhood. As for used clothing, I'll get it for the whole family. We have some amazing consignment and thrift stores in my area.

  7. I suspect the negative reviews of ThredUp come from special snowflakes for whom their pill-y J. Crew tees are not worth as much as they think. And for what it's worth, going through ThredUp is WAY better than dealing with the snobby hipsters at Buffalo Exchange.

  8. I think that Superbad gift could pretty much be applied to every blog post everyone has ever written. Also my pregnancy brain has gotten so bad that all I could think of was "it's from that movie super..... something" and typed super into IMDB and checked what came up.

    I just ordered a bag from thred up and am ready to fill it with my amazing used stuff. They donate what they don't buy so in my mind it's worth it even if I don't make a cent just since it saves me a trip to Goodwill, or to be honest, it saves Eric a trip to Goodwill.