Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Forrest Gimp Walk Fundraiser

If you're a newer reader of my blog or if you have bad memory for the mundane details of other people's lives, you may have forgotten that I was once a runner. I haven't run since the end of January, with the only exception being a few running steps to stop the baby from toddling out into traffic. Since my back injury and subsequent back surgery in March, I've been told that I should never run again. Obviously that is horrible news for someone who loves to run, but I've been trying to maintain optimism about the situation. At least I can walk, right? There are a lot of people who aren't that lucky.

This weekend I'm going to combine that optimistic walking ability with the perspective of remembering those who are more seriously injured by completing the Endless Summer 6 Hour race for the Semper Fi Fund. Before I hurt my back, I was able to raise a great amount of money for this fantastic charity and now I want to see if I can raise a little more by having a fun contest to go along with my race on Saturday.

For more information about the Semper Fi Fund and the reasons why I picked it as my charity, check out this post! You can also read my husband's injury story here, but just ignore all the black magic spam in the comment section. I need to go through and delete it all but there are like 400+ comments about spellcasters for hire.

No one likes a complicated contest, so I'm trying to make it as simple as possible. To enter the contest, you need to do two things:

1. Donate at least $10 to the Semper Fi Fund
2. Guess how far you think I'll walk in six hours 

I made a chart for the guesses (I really made it, like I wrote the HTML code for it. I'm so proud of myself) and I will update it as donations and guesses come in and you can guess to the tenth of a mile. I will be going with the official results, not my Garmin time so it may be 2-3 days post race before I have my official time and can announce winners. Tell me your distance guesses in the comment section of this post or in the comment section of the donation page. 

Can I enter more than once or donate more than $10?

Absolutely! Just make sure you let me know if you want more than one entry in the contest so I can record it! Also, on the chart there is a space for you to tell me if this donation is in honor or memory of someone. I plan on writing down any and all names and wearing it during the race.

What if someone already guessed my lucky number?

Early bird gets the worm here, so you'll need to go up or down by at least a tenth of a mile. Example: You really wanted to bid on 22.2 miles but that's taken, so you can bid on 22.3 or 22.1 miles. If I get duplicate bids at the same time, I'll do my best to mediate that and if that doesn't work and that's the winning bid, then the two winners will just split the prize.

What are the prizes? Is it lame stuff like chia seed Gu and compression socks?

I spent a good chunk of time trying to think of kick-ass prizes for this and my husband suggested that cash is the best prize. Everyone loves money! This is all funded by the sponsored posts on my blog this month, so really you guys helped me earn it so let's put it to good use here.

1st place (closest guess): $100

2nd place (second closest guess): $50

3rd place (randomly selected from all entries): $25

The money will be mailed to you as a Visa gift card if you're a U.S. resident and if you live outside of the U.S, then it will be an Amazon gift card. If you live in the U.S. and you don't want me to know where you live, I can also do an Amazon gift card for you too.

Any hints on how far or fast you intend on walking?

The best part of this whole contest is that I have no freaking clue how far I'll end up going. I'm four months post surgery now but I still have a lot of nerve pain in my legs and I still can't feel sections of my right leg. I'm not walking with a limp and my muscle strength is good so my doctor was entirely supportive of this 6 hour race plan. I haven't "trained" specifically for this event so I'm pretty much just winging it here. I have been working out almost every day and even doing weight training now, so I'm not a total weakling. Also, July in Annapolis (where the race takes place) is hot, hot, and then really humid on top of it. Last year I ran the race nine months after having Cordelia and I covered just under 32 miles in 6 hours. I checked the results from last year and the last place person covered 16.6 miles, but I assume they were both running and walking.

The only caveat for this whole thing is that if I feel like I'm hurting my back during the race, I will pull myself out. Rest assured that I won't let things like bleeding blisters or vomiting stop me, just spine injury stuff.

My goal is to get over $4,500 raised for the Semper Fi Fund, so let's do this! Initially I thought of asking people to donate the amount of money as their guess (like if you guess 18.4 miles, then you donate $18.40) but I thought that would be both confusing and discriminatory to people who think I'm stubborn enough to push myself hard for six hours, so that's why I went for the flat $10 instead. If you want to go ahead and make your guess and donation match, that would be awesome!

Donation Page

Distance Guesses Chart


  1. Donated! I'm gonna go with 13.1 miles because I think once you get to 12, why not make it a half marathon?

  2. Donated! I'm aiming for 20 so I'm guessing you'll hit 20 too!

    (It's under kazzy via PayPal but that's me!)

  3. You created HTML code? Just drop out of the race, your accomplishment for the month is complete.

  4. I donated and guessed 20.5 miles!

  5. Donated! My guess is 18.2 for no reason whatsoever.

  6. Donated! I am guessing 21.2 miles. See you out there!

  7. Ok, I donated and picked 20.1 miles. On the Semper Fi fundraising site, I see another $10 donation from January 2014, but I can't remember if that donation was for this, or perhaps another raffle. I'm pretty sure it was for something else. Basically, I LOVE THE GAMBLING.

    And come get Kitty Mittens' water fountain! ;)

  8. Donated, but not gonna guess. Michelle and I are going for 20 and I assume you'll do at least that but I'm too competitive to say you'll beat us and too nice to say you won't. ROFL

  9. 26.9 miles and you'll never guess which donation is mine.

  10. Donated! I'm going to guess 16 miles. Good luck!

  11. Donated! I am going to guess 14.4 miles. Good luck!

  12. Donated...I'm going for 19.5 miles since that looks like a reasonable (?!) distance. Good luck!

  13. Donated... 21 is my guess. Have fun!