3 Mistakes That Cause Sports Injuries Be Caution

Physical exercise that helps maintain body fitness is referred to as “exercise.” Before starting sports movements, you must warm up to prevent injury, you can see from sports clips on youtube
Skipping the warm-up phase is one of the most common and unavoidable causes of sports injuries.

Causes of sports injury

There are some of the most common mistakes that can cause injuries while playing sports. The following are the factors, according to Very Well Health:

1. Not Warming Up

The goal of warming up before activity is to lower the probability of causing injury to one’s body.

Because before exercising, the muscles in the body are generally still cold and stiff. If it is used immediately for strenuous activities, the risk of experiencing muscle injury is greater.

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2. Out of focus

The next mistake that causes sports injuries is not focusing. For example, if you are not careful when stretching, a part of your body sprains.

Or when you are running in a slippery and wet area, you are in a hurry, so you slip and get injured.

3. Accident

Accidents don’t always happen in traffic. It can also be done during sports, and this situation has the potential to cause acute or chronic injuries.

injuries sustained while using sports equipment, such as falling off a treadmill, spraining an ankle while lifting weights, or getting a cut while practicing karate.

Types of Sports Injury

There are many types of sports. Below are the types of sports injuries that often occur.

1. Sprain injury

A sprain or strain is a condition of a vein in one of the body’s limbs with symptoms of pain that can’t be tolerated, and the pain can last for hours.

2. Swelling or bruising

Redness, swelling, and bruising are reactions to inflammation caused by a sports injury. This swelling is not always bad, but it can cause discomfort.

3. Cramps injury

Cramps, namely muscle spasms and stiffness, are indicative of an acute injury. That typically affect the delivery area and are caused by incorrect sports movements.

4. Numbness

The sensation of numbness, which is also known as tingling, is a symptom that an injury or irritation has occurred to a nerve. Inflammation and edema are both potential side effects of this nerve stimulation.

5. Headaches

Martial arts often use punching movements. If the punch is done hard and hits the head, then the effect can be an injury that triggers a headache.

6. Lose balance

The foot area is often subject to sports injuries. either because of a sprain, fall, or something else. As a result of the injury, muscles and joints can weaken so that the body loses balance.

How to Overcome Sports Injuries

In the event of an injury sustained during a sporting event, the manner in which it is treated cannot be left up to chance and must be monitored by a specialist.

If your condition is not immediately accessible to medical facilities at the time of the injury, you can use the R.I.C.E. method as first aid.

REST: Rest is the process of resting the injured body part while also stopping the sports activity.
Ice : Using ice can temporarily alleviate pain from injuries characterized by swelling and bruising.

Wrapping the wounded area in cloth helps provide pressure. You can use a washcloth, soft towel, or bandage.
Elevation means elevating the injured area so that it is above the level of the heart, thereby helping to push fluid away from the swollen area.
If the condition of the injury is classified as severe and unusual symptoms appear, immediately take it to the nearest health facility.