Accessories for Pencak Silat Competitions

Accessories for Pencak Silat Competitions. Pencak silat is one of the martial arts from Indonesia. Just like other martial arts, in Pencak silat, there is also basic equipment that must be present, especially in competitions. This martial arts equipment is to support the process of the match. In a martial arts match, participants must follow the rules and equipment that have been determined in a game. Here are the accessories that must be in a martial arts match.

Pencak silat uniform

Accessories for Pencak Silat Competitions. Uniforms in Pencak silat are mandatory equipment for every fighter. For players who do not wear the uniform as the base, there may be an opportunity for violations in the form of disqualification. Pencak silat athletes must also wear a belt according to the level obtained. A uniform consisting of clothes and silat pants. The fighter’s uniform has the IPSI badge on the left chest area.


Tanned is a tool used for training when tae kwon do or it can also be used for boxing. On the European continent, it is better known as the Punching Bag. The material used can come from canvas covered with vinyl, the length is about 80 cm to 125 cm with a diameter of 30 cm. You also have to pay attention in terms of quality, because it is for safety when practicing.

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Body protector

The body protector is the body protector from the dangers of extreme hot or cold temperatures and to protect when hit by a collision during training or competition. This tool is also important to use when training or competing because it is to keep your body from getting hurt.
The material of the body protector is made of Oscar coated with a sponge and inside there is a flexible hose so it is safer when used for both beginners and adults.

Genital protector

A genital protector is a genital protection device that is used to protect the genitals from injury disorders that are used in almost every sport.

Footwear protection

Footwear protection is a tool used when performing martial arts that function to protect the feet from collisions, slips, or falls while competing. This tool is very important for you to use for the safety of your feet, especially in the shin area.

Skin decker

Shin protective equipment or skin decker is used to protect the shin from hazards such as fractures and other fractures.


Pencak silat mat is a base used in martial arts competitions made of foam material. This mat’s Pencak silat equipment is indispensable in Pencak silat competitions. The function of the mat in Pencak silat matches is a must-have tool in the Pencak silat league.