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Your legal name remains unaffected by the divorce proceedings, but if you want to revert to your maiden name this is possible using your birth certificate and the final order ending the marriage . If you want to change to any other name, or revert to your maiden name without any divorce, you need a formal Change of Name Deed which we can draw up for you. Our promise perdana4peace to you is to listen sympathetically to your concerns, provide guidance when needed and to support you all the way through your divorce or separation. For your peace of mind you’ll want to know you’re getting a fair settlement. If you’re not sure about how your assets will be valued for this purpose, make sure you ask the question at the start of the process.

We enjoy excellent relationships with other leading professional services firms across the region and are experienced in working closely with other advisers who may be representing you. This can help to ensure a smoother process and to minimise the likelihood and impact of any unforeseen issues or costly delays. You can also rely on our specialist expertise in areas other than Family Law, if needed, including Wills and estate planning, property and advice in relation to any business interests. What marital assets you have, tax implications, length of marriage, earning capacity and the needs of any children involved are all taken into consideration. Our divorce lawyers are experienced in this to give you the best advice and achieve the best outcome based on your situation. To find out more about this, visit our dedicated financial settlement in divorce page.

While they are still married, their spouse can have claims on their estate, even if they’re separated. For example, you may get a bonus at work or be made redundant, so it’s good to know where you’d stand if your financial circumstances did change significantly. Going through a divorce is a very personal thing and trusting someone to act on your behalf is a big decision.

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If you’re accused of a sexual offence we know this can be very worrying and stressful for you. A free consultation with us is available to see whether you have grounds to have your police caution removed. Early representation and the right advice could help you avoid serious punishments. We work to support Lung Cancer Nurses by sponsoring professional development and education. There is a way forward to find you a practical outcome that saves you time and money in the long run. From finding a solution to a dispute to demanding fair treatment, we fight for what’s right.

If this happens to you and it wasn’t your fault, our expert team will help you bring a claim for compensation. An accident whilst at work can have serious implications for you and your family. Our leading Personal Injury lawyers know what you are entitled to and will help you make a claim. It can be confusing to know what claim you have when you’ve been affected by sepsis.

  • If a party is on a low income and only has limited savings, it may be possible to ask the court for a reduction of the fee.
  • We fight to have your unanswered questions answered during the inquest process.
  • If neither of you have lived in the UK for the last 12 months, contact us for more specialist advice on jurisdiction as it still may be possible for an English court to deal with your divorce.
  • Injuries like these can be long lasting and can impact your ability to lead a normal life.
  • We have a further range of fixed price and bespoke divorce solutions which we can discuss with you in this consultation.
  • We’ll represent and advise you on an assault offence to help you get the best possible outcome.

Successfully representing two women in the Supreme Court whose husbands had been dishonest about their wealth during the initial divorce proceedings. This 2015 case was the first time in a generation that the UK’s highest court had heard cases on the issue of non-disclosure in divorce proceedings – find out more about these cases. The out-of-court processes for divorce – such as negotiation, mediation and collaborative law – only work properly if you and your partner give full and frank accounts of your respective financial circumstances. Although the process will be an emotional one, try not to bring any bitter feelings into your negotiations. Anger, hate and revenge may raise their ugly heads, but letting negative emotions take over will make the divorce or dissolution more complicated, longer and possibly more expensive.

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Although they are likely to explore a number of different options for reaching a settlement before then. Depending on the state of your relationship with your spouse, there may well be things the two of you can do to keep your legal bills down as much as possible. The most important thing to do is to get legal advice from a specialist Divorce Solicitor who, once instructed to represent you, will do all they can to protect your compensation. But if the needs of the uninjured husband or wife can’t be met without the personal injury compensation, it really doesn’t matter if the money is classed as non-matrimonial. This is because of the information about the opposing party that may be known that could be used in the divorce negotiations.

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We are accredited by the independent legal guides Chambers & Partners and The Legal 500, and are widely considered to be one of the UK’s leading international family law teams. With a wealth of experience dealing with high-profile international divorce cases, we promise to give you a no-nonsense, bespoke service to get you the best possible result. A divorce lawyer in Ashton in Makerfield from our team is available to assist you through this challenging time. Contact Houghton Pigot & Co Solicitors if you need the assistance and guidance of our divorce lawyers.

Our team of human rights lawyers know how to get you the resolution you deserve. It isn’t uncommon for public bodies to make unlawful or incorrect housing decisions. Our team are highly experienced in standing up for your rights and reversing decisions when there have been failures. The extradition process can appear daunting, especially if you’re innocent. Our highly experienced team stand up to the prosecution, and know how to fight and win cases. If you’ve been failed by the criminal justice system, through unfair treatment, you deserve justice and compensation.

Yes, a specialist family solicitor can provide you with advice and help with negotiations. You would usually be encouraged to consider trying to use Mediation or the Collaborative Process too. If you cannot agree the terms amicably – even with the assistance of a third party, then you are going to have to consider involving the court.