Foods You Should Eat to Look and Feel Your Best

Ever thought about the connection between what you eat and how you feel? Have you ever felt and looked so good that you knew it was because of the healthy food you eat?

The quality of food we eat goes a long way in affecting not just how health but also our general disposition. When we eat healthily, we tend to become happier and cheerful. That way, we end up feeling great and at our best. Therefore, this goes to show that certain foods are known as energy and mood boosters.

Hence, you should invest in checking out reviews about healthy food services to know which of the food services to patronize. However, before doing so, you also need to understand what these healthy foods are. Thus, this article lets you know the foods you should eat, which makes you feel and look your best.

Fruits and Vegetables

The intake of enough fruits and vegetables will help you a lot in improving your mood and energy. For instance, bananas and avocados are good sources of mood-boosting foods. On the other hand, Leafy greens will also help make your skin glow healthily as they include calcium, Vitamin A, and C. Therefore, you should have more fruits and vegetables in your diet plan.


Flaxseeds are a type of food that helps a great deal in the health of humans. Their intake helps to reduce blood sugar and insulin levels in humans. They also help to reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancers. Including them in your meal plan also helps protect your skin from skin damage as they are a great source of omega 3- fatty acids like fish.


Tomatoes are also typical food whose intake helps you to look and feel your best. This is not far-fetched as they are high in lycopene and vitamin C. Their intake also helps prevent prostate cancer. You can include them in your stew, soup, salad, sauce, or eat them raw.


Nuts are also great foods that you should invest in taking more as they are a good source of plant protein. Nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and pecans also go a great deal in helping you prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Whole grains

If you are pursuing the perfect soluble and insoluble fibre source to include in your diet plan, whole grains are the best option. Hence, you need to invest more in purchasing and eating foods in this category. For instance, for breakfast, have a bowl of oatmeal or a hundred per cent whole wheat flour or bread. These entire grains have health benefits such as minerals, vitamins, and other phytonutrients that help the body grow and thrive.

How to Add Healthy Foods to Your Diet

Apart from those mentioned in this article, there are several varieties of healthy foods that you can include in your diet. The inclusion of these foods makes your diet a balanced and complete one. The following are how to ensure that you have these healthy foods in your diet to make you feel and appear your best always: –

  • Eat plenty of colourful foods such as vegetables, fruits, and legumes.
  • Take water regularly
  • Eat whole-grain bread and not a refined one.
  • Add a good source of protein into your diet. For instance, Greek Yogurt is one of the best options to try.


Since you now know that the healthier the food you eat, the more you appear and feel your best, then you need to eat more healthily. If you need to accompany the healthy food you eat with the best clothes that show how vibrant and glowing you are, I Saw It first contact number is online for you to grasp.