Frank Bagnasco Discusses Benefits of Scuba and Spearfishing

Frank Bagnasco Discusses Benefits of Scuba and Spearfishing

St. Petersburg, FL, Aug 10, 2022 – Frank Bagnasco is an avid scuba diver and spear fisherman who champions the health benefits of aquatic recreation. Diving helps improve relaxation and blood flow while exposing divers to new ecosystems and marine life.

Exercise is the most intuitive health benefit of scuba and spearfishing. Frank Bagnasco notes that cardio and resistance training are among the types of exercise divers get in the water. However, divers also accumulate steps walking to and from boats and getting equipment stored or mounted. Getting out in the sun can also have benefits, provided divers moderate their exposure.

Frank Bagnasco encourages spearfishing because it improves drivers’ agility, hand-eye coordination, and swimming. Spearfishing typically involves free diving, which means divers submerge with little equipment and must learn to hold their breath for long periods of time. As a result, spearfishing works out divers’ lungs and is effective at building cardio endurance.

Spearfishing provides divers with fresh fish, which is ideal from a health perspective. Tuna, halibut, snapper, and other sports fish are among those that divers can catch. However, it is important to identify local restrictions and only those fish that are legal to catch. Licenses may also be required. Learning to follow the rules, while catching fish that are lean protein, is a major benefit of spearfishing.

Scuba diving presents the opportunity to travel to exotic locations. Popular destinations include Hawaii, Belize, Mexico, and the many islands of the Caribbean. Tropical fish, corral, and clear blue water make for amazing adventures, and divers enhance their skills to reach new depths. Experiencing new cultures, and getting to see sights along the coast, are ancillary benefits of aquatic sports and recreation.

There are a number of shipwrecks around the world that are popular diving attractions. Diving these attractions can be tremendously fun if done safely and with the proper equipment. Honing one’s skills and diving deeper or in challenging conditions is something that divers can work on. Building competence and skill set to accomplish difficult dives can be a satisfying part of the scuba hobby.

There are many clubs, organizations, and businesses dedicated to scuba, spearfishing, and aquatic sports. Frank Bagnasco notes that socializing and meeting new people are significant benefits of taking up diving and similar hobbies. Whether diving in the ocean or in freshwater, one can typically find clubs that make the experience more meaningful and fun. 

There is an abundance of scuba and spearfishing equipment that hobbyists can purchase around the world. There is also a lot of used equipment on the secondary market, making it easier for beginners to source the gear needed to dive or fish. Low barriers to entry and worldwide accessibility make diving and aquatic recreation appealing.

Frank Bagnasco is the President and CEO of Nasco Aerospace and Electronics. He completed his undergraduate studies at Farmingdale State University and started his professional career at General Instruments Corp. in applications engineering. Frank continues to pursue scuba, spearfishing and cycling to stay sharp, healthy, and connected with friends and nature.