Gary Matthew Payne and Martial Arts

Gary Matthew Payne can be considered a man of many arts. One of those hobbies includes martial arts. He’s practiced the discipline for years. And many of the lessons, dating back to ancient times, still make sense today, even with all the digital tools and expectations of the modern age. From Payne’s perspective, martial arts fundamentally benefit multiple life areas for a person. And those benefits can last a lifetime.

Life Training

First off, martial arts gives a person critical life skills for stress management and situational awareness. The fact is, most bad things happen and have an effect because they take us by surprise. This is an everyday expectation with martial arts, especially with good training. So, having a solid resilience to deal with the unexpected on a regular basis keeps one on their toes, literally, as well as calm in situations that would otherwise cause other people’s anxiety to shoot through the roof.

Progression Teaches Internal Growth

As every martial arts student knows, you don’t become an expert in a day. It takes a lot of discipline, practice, and repetition to develop fighting skills as well as why and when to use them effectively. That training is ultimately rewarded with a promotion to the next belt level, and the cycle begins again. This series of promotions or progression through higher and higher levels develops a level of maturity and patience in a student. It also helps a person grow mentally, as each level is much harder than the previous one for good reason. Gary Payne has found that challenge forces the brain to grow, to develop new connections about how to succeed.

Self-Defense is Included

Of course, the practical side of developing skills in martial arts includes knowing how to defend yourself from an attack and in a fight. That self-confidence becomes extremely helpful in tough situations where many other folks might back off and be dominated by the fear that comes with feeling helpless. Instead, as Gary Payne has found out himself. Martial arts instill a sense of stability in an uncertain environment. Including how to come out of a bad situation healthy or at least adequately safe, versus other results.

Reinforcing Discipline

Life is a series of challenges, risk management, guesses, and results. Sometimes those decisions work out very well, and other times they don’t. However, time and again, Gary Payne and others have found that personal discipline helps maintain persistence through challenges. A key factor in consistent success and performance quality. Whether it’s school, work, family, or life, discipline from martial arts helps tremendously both in sizing up situations. Finding the better path of moving forward, and having the patience to see better solutions than just the first thing that comes along.

No, Gary Matthew Payne will not be the next Bruce Lee or find a starring role in the sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. However, he’s already realized a cornucopia of personal rewards from his dedication to martial arts studies. And that is a far better accomplishment than being on a make-believe film bending bamboo trees to travel quickly.

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