Henry Agallar Explains the Importance of Adult Jiujutsu

Henry Agallar Explains the Importance of Adult Jiujutsu

Brazillian jiujutsu- As a person hits their 30s, 40s, and 50s, the conversation around maintaining one’s health really begins to grow. We aren’t going to live forever, but we can enjoy more vigorous living well into our golden ages when the body is properly maintained. Properly maintained is the key phrase here and a goal that Racine trainer Henry Agallar is very passionate about helping all of his clients obtain.

Henry Agallar Explains the Importance of Adult Jiujutsu

No Time Like the Present Time

When people ask Henry Agallar what is too old to practice and perform adult Brazillian jiujutsu, he likes to bring up one of the very developers of this combat martial arts sport, Carlos Gracie. Gracie certainly began early in life, but he continued to train, teach, and compete throughout his 80s and into his 90s until he passed away at the ripe age of 95.

Understanding Gracie’s legacy also helps to understand why Brazillian jiujutsu is so welcoming to older adults just getting into martial arts. Jiujutsu was originally a Japanese type of martial arts, the word meaning “the gentle art” as there is no force striking here, but rather moves focus on grappling and using leverage to take another opponent down. Traditionally using this original Japanese Style for combat and military training but Gracie and his colleagues wanted to adapt the style for more general sports, self-defense, and conditioning purposes. Thus, created Brazilian jiujutsu, a martial art style that effectively allows the practitioner to defeat larger and stronger opponents.

This technique of leveraging opponents’ strength is a large part of what makes this martial arts style so welcoming to newcomers to martial arts as a whole. While all adults looking to start training in Brazilian jiujutsu should expect a regiment of cardio and conditioning to get their bodies into the best shape for techniques, this is an excellent sport to start at any age, even if you have not participated in any type of athletic activity and regimented exercise in years.

Reap in the Benefits

Still not sure about getting started? Consider the following benefits Henry Agallar likes to cite for why stat training in Brazilian jiujutsu today:

  • Become confident with self-defense skills. Let’s not forget the founding reason for this martial arts creation: For smaller individuals to effectively take down larger opponents.
  • An engaging way to lose weight and tone your body. Gym machines can be very boring. Taking part in conditioning and technique martial arts courses is a great way to energize your fitness goals and get you in a healthier body form.
  • Satisfaction with setting and achieving goals. Brazilian jiujutsu, as with other types of martial arts, has five belt levels and a myriad of techniques to master. Learning and really honing each move until you can move like a bee delivers a unique satisfaction of a skill well-earned. If you are passionate about progressing through more recognized achievements, then you will appreciate that there are five belts that you can achieve with Brazilian jiujutsu.

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As we said from the top, there is no time like the present time. Talk to Henry Agallar to learn more about the beauty of Brazilian jiujutsu and get yourself into a training course today!

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