Injuries That Occur Most Often When You Exercise

The 2018 Asian Games, 15 days of the biggest sports event in Asia which took place in Jakarta and Palembang, has indeed ended.

Injuries That Occur Most Often When You Exercise. However, the athletes’ struggle to get the main position is certainly not without struggle. Various long and exhausting exercises were carried out long before the 2018 Asian Games took place.

Knee Injury

Injuries That Occur Most Often When You Exercise. In fact, about 55 percent of sports injuries are knee injuries, and a quarter should be treated by orthopedic surgeons. Usually, this knee injury often occurs in athletes in running, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and athletic sports that rely heavily on the knee. You will feel pain in the kneecap accompanied by a sound like a crack or a fracture. This one injury often occurs due to accidents such as falls and bumps or experiences a shift causing excruciating pain.

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Shoulder Injury

For those of you who like to exercise such as swimming, push-ups, badminton, basketball, or baseball, this shoulder injury will probably be a big chance for you to experience. About 20 percent of sports injuries can be caused by shoulder injuries, the most common are joint displacement and cramps. One thing you should pay attention to is not to overuse your shoulder, because if you repeatedly move the shoulder joint intensely it will cause the shoulder muscles to become tired and swell or tear.

Ankle Muscle Injury

A sprained ankle is also one of the most common occurrences in sports. When you do physical activities that involve running, jumping, and cutting movements such as soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, volleyball, to tennis, usually, this sprained ankle is caused by over-stretching or tearing of a tendon (the band of tissue that connects one bone to the other bones), tendons (the tissue that connects muscles to bones), or muscles.

Elbow Injury

For those of you who often exercise such as badminton, tennis, golf, volleyball, or lifting weights, be careful not to injure the elbow, which is often the support. These injuries occur due to inflammation of the muscles that are constantly used to move and bear weight. You will also feel pain when moving and raising your arm or hand.

Hamstring Injury

Injuries That Occur Most Often When You Exercise. For information, this hamstring injury is a group of four muscles that are located behind your hamstrings. All of these muscles will be tensed when one muscle is overloaded. The pain is like your muscles being pulled down the back of your thigh. This injury often occurs for those of you who do soccer, basketball, and track running. For first aid, compress with ice and rest for a while.

Muscle cramp

Remember, it is very important to warm up before exercising. These muscle cramp injuries are common, usually because you skip warming up and stretching the muscles. When the cramp strikes, the muscles contract suddenly so that you will feel pain and the affected area will be difficult to move for a few seconds to minutes. It is better if you feel muscle cramps, stay calm, and do light stretches on the cramped area.


This injury, which is also known as traumatic brain injury, occurs when there is a significant blow to the head. When this happens, you will lose consciousness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, loss of balance, amnesia, disorientation, and other symptoms. Athletes who face this risk of injury are usually those in sports such as boxing, football, and hockey.

Achilles tendon

The Achilles tendon is located between the calf muscles and the heel bone. Achilles tendon thigh injury usually occurs due to tendonitis, which is when the tendon swells in your heel muscles to your calf. Football, basketball, volleyball, and running increase your risk of developing the Achilles tendon. You will feel pain in the heel or calf caused by the tearing of the tendon. This tearing condition usually occurs due to quick and sudden movements, running, or jumping.

Lower Back Injury

The most common occurrences of these lower back injuries are protruding discs and back spasms. Usually, the pain will appear in the waist or lower back. This pain can be caused by many things such as pinched nerves, torn tendons or muscles, and herniated disks. The first aid for pain relief from a lower back injury is to apply a balm to the injured area. The warmth of the balsam can relax the muscles and relieve pain.