Major Update On The Future WWE 2K Video Game Series

If you’ve got the disc edition of the PS5, you’ll also be able to insert your PS4 discs into it and play them that way, too. Obviously, because there’s no physical disc slot on the digital edition of the console, you won’t be able to play any PS4 discs you own. We’ve compiled a list of our favouritePS4 games, and most of them have dropped in price since the PS5 came out. Fresh from winning world 400m bronze a fortnight ago, Hudson-Smith fell victim to an extraordinary sprint finish as he missed out on a glorious homecoming at the track on which he learned his trade.

Since then, general sale restocks have been happening frequently, with drops taking place several times a month and lasting days. This is usually because Currys stocks the most expensive bundles out of all the retailers. Scan had one of the weirdest PS5 restocks we’ve ever seen on 10 September. It made a console bundle, which included a PS5 digital edition bundle with two dualsense controllers, a charging station and a pulse 3D wireless headset (£534.38, available to buy through its live chat system. We first thought this was the new way retailers were trying to stop scalpers from stealing all the consoles, but Scan eventually went back to its normal restock pattern. Dam Peaty stormed to a gold medal in the pool in some late evening entertainment, fighting back at his critics after his shock fourth place finish on Monday evening.

World Cup 2022 TV schedule: How to watch England games in Qatar

Now you can record and share gameplay videos and livestreams on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. NVIDIA ShadowPlay™ technology lets you broadcast with minimal performance overhead, so you never miss a beat in your games. The GeForce Experience in-game overlay makes it fast and easy. As more than 5,000 athletes from 72 countries compete in nearly 300 events over 12 days of nail-biting sporting events, we’ll bring you the key points from the last 24 hours of the games, plus look ahead to what’s on the agenda for the day ahead.

  • Thiago will miss clashes against Crystal Palace, Manchester United, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Everton and Wolves.
  • Ust 2.7kms left, Culverwell is doing his best to stay with him.
  • Odey Williams and Zoey Clark are also through to the next round of the 400m heats.
  • The judges have put him ahead on the scoreboards for the minute.
  • Orthern Ireland haven’t won yet and Uganda look set to continue that run.

Portuguese Benfica will be introduced in November with more top clubs to follow soon after. See today’s front and back pages, download the newspaper, order back issues and use the historic Daily Express newspaper archive. Walls’ bike had come over the barriers and into the crowd. Spectators were apparently hurt in the incident, during which Walls was treated by medics for around 40 minutes. With July 4th coming up for American readers, and a regular weekend for everyone else, I figured I’d spotlight something a bit “fun” for folks to get up to over it. “There’s so much to celebrate about women’s sport more broadly, and there’s more and more women involved at all levels of administration in all organisations.

Just four kms to go in the women’s road race

The Board invited the Organising Committee representatives to give assurances that the Games would bring wide-ranging benefits into Solihull and sought examples as to how this would be achieved. In response, the Board was advised that the presentation outlined a number of opportunities and the OC undertook to work with Solihull to maximise those. It was acknowledged that Solihull was a significant Host Partner and a key regional hub. The OC explained that promotion and advertising would be increased once the marketing campaigns were launched and current social media activity was consistent across the West Midlands region to date.

News in the men’s road race

Although one project is in the final stages, he also revealed that there is another title in the works too. Since 2018, there have been “3.5 lines that have been in the works.” We know now that Elden Ring was one, and the “0.5” was the PlayStation VR tittle Déraciné. Hidetaka Miyazaki is the mastermind behind not only Elden Ring, but the entire Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. In an interview with 4Gamer , he said that an unannounced game was “in the final stages of development.” In two seasons at the club, Thiago has featured in 49 out of a possible 76 league games – hardly the numbers of an ever-present figure. The Spaniard was replaced inside the opening exchanges of the second-half after failing to play through the pain barrier once he sustained the strain.