Preston Muller recently explained why it’s best to go saltwater fishing with a guide.

Preston Muller recently explained why it’s best to go saltwater fishing with a guide.

FREEPORT, FL / MAY 22, 2022 / Preston Muller is a Florida native and charter boat captain on the Gulf Coast. He has taken more than 10,000 anglers out to sea in search of the biggest and tastiest fish the coastline has to offer. Muller recently discussed why hiring an expert guide is the best way to go saltwater fishing.

You’ll Probably Save Money

Many novice fishing enthusiasts forego the help of a guide because they think it’s expensive. However, for beginners, fishing with a guide can save money. Many new fishermen and women don’t know the exact gear and supplies they need to fish the waters near them. 

“New fishermen and women often head to a store like Walmart or Dick’s and purchase a package fishing set,” Preston Muller said. “That package likely has very little gear they actually need. They spend double when they have to go out and purchase additional gear.”

Muller’s fishing tours are full-service. In addition to catching fish, he shows new fishermen the gear they need to catch fish where they live.

Learn the Proper Techniques

Fishing looks like an incredibly laid-back sport. However, fishing with improper technique can leave fishermen and women without a single bite. Muller explained there are techniques for fishing for different types and sizes of fish.

He shows beginners the best techniques for rigging the rod, casting, reeling in, and storing or filleting fish. Muller dedicated his life to fishing, and he is passionate about teaching others lifelong fishing skills.

Guides Know Where to Find Fish

Fishing guides are typically longtime locals in the areas where they fish. This means they know when and where to catch certain fish. Going saltwater fishing with a guide substantially increases the chance of catching fish and bringing home a delicious dinner for family and friends.

Expert fishing guides are eager to share their local knowledge with their guests. Beginners can use the knowledge from a guided trip to head to the correct spots on their own later.

Guided Fishing Trips Are Great for Experts Too

Expert fishermen and women are not always in their local waters. Someone who catches countless fish in the freshwater lakes of Michigan may not know the gear or skills required for catching fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

Guide services can help experienced fishing enthusiasts adjust to local waters and reel in fish they don’t see at home.

Award-Winning Guide Preston Muller

Captain Muller is not your average fishing guide — he’s the best of the best in the Destin area. Muller has more than 750 five-star reviews on TripAdvisor, and his company was named the best charter business in Destin, Florida three years in a row. His guided tours won the title of “Best Charter Boat Experience” in Destin VIO Magazine.

Captain Muller and his team are always eager to show fishermen and women of all skill levels the best fishing spots across the Destin coastline and beyond.