running competition

For example, you may intend on limiting the competition to residents of New South Wales who’re over 18 or Australian residents quite than opening it as much as the international market. In case the athlete achieved a Top three position in the latest World Championships or Olympic Games the next scores are given. Scores depend on by which Event Group the athlete has won the medal. Scores are given for the Overall or the Event Ranking position of the athletes, depending on which provides the higher Participation rating. A Participation Score is awarded for the athlete if he/she was ranked within the latest World Rankings, which have been revealed no less than 4 days prior to the start of the competition.

Be certain to include your logos, colours, and artwork in your contest page, and make sure the theme is consistent. Star Olives encourages entrants to use #STAROlives and #HowdoYOUolive … Read More