At the time, it marked the biggest-ever acquisition in sports. White, who owned 9% of the UFC, stayed, having been given a stake in the new enterprise. Shortly after the sale, it was introduced that White would stay president.

This noticed 36 states enact laws to ban the ‘no-holds-barred’ preventing. The UFC continued to air through PPV, with only a tiny portion of the viewers compared to the cable pay-per-view platofrms.

Limited edition variations embrace fabric stroll out tees or paint variations and are limited in number with foil and holographic packaging variances. Special version and exclusive variations have been released at numerous UFC Fan Expo events. The Simpsons Season 21, Episode 2 “The Great Wife Hope” is largely primarily based around the UFC where Marge ends up combating in the octagon at the finish of the episode. UFC 9 – To appease native authorities, closed fisted strikes to the … Read More