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Elizabeth Quinn is an train physiologist, sports drugs writer, and health marketing consultant for corporate wellness and rehabilitation clinics. Sports that use a high-velocity projectile such as a baseball, lacrosse ball or hockey puck require protection of the genitalia for the male individuals known as Jocks. NCAA require individuals to put on mouth guards for the sports similar to soccer. Four-point chin strap utilized in sports like football and lacrosse, that are secured by both the high hookup or the low hookup. Decrease the angle of low hookup means that there’s less chance of the chin strap rotating off the chin.

But the soccer ball itself has undergone some important changes over time. Epic Sports notes that Charles Goodyear created the first vulcanized rubber soccer ball in 1855, and a few years later, H.J. Lindon developed an inflatable rubber bladder, so that the ball could be easier to kick and … Read More