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Savate(French Kickboxing) – Savate is a French martial arts style centered on boxing and kicking. There are two major forms of Sambo; Combat Sambo and Sports Sambo. Panantukan– Panantukan is the boxing component of Filipino martial arts. Panantukan isn’t a sport, but rather a road-oriented preventing system.

Kajukenbo– This is an American martial arts fashion that combines strategies from many various martial arts such asJudo,Karate,Eskrima, etc. It was designed to be effective in real world self-defense situations and avenue fights. Icho-Ryu– Icho-Ryu is a fusion of martial arts similar to Aikido, Goju Ryu Karate, Jujutsu, Judo and Aikijujutsu. It was created to meet the needs of law enforcement officers.

In the method of training, practitioners declare to turn out to be aware of a subtle important vitality named ch’i or ki. Ch’i is amassed, amplified, and directed by willpower to specific parts of the body, which develop energy and resilience. … Read More

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