Injury-plagued Week 2 Shakes Up The Nfl: Who Is Impacted The Most?

The patellar tendon stretches from the lower kneecap to the entrance of the tibia bone on the entrance of the leg. Knee sprains are injuries to the ligaments that maintain the knee together. There are a number of ligaments that stabilize the knee and keep it in alignment.

Patellar dislocation may be very painful however is mostly not life-threatening and can be treated by popping it again into place (reduction of the patella), splinting, and bodily remedy. Tears of the meniscus can happen from harm to the inside of the knee. The medial and lateral menisci (plural of meniscus) are semi-round, articular cartilage that act as shock absorbers and easy cushions for the thighbone (femur).

The prognosis of a knee injury is made by a doctor on the premise of history, physical examination, and generally the usage of … Read More