Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5 What’s New in Computer Science

On the Keele Foundation Year, you’ll study on campus, joining our community from the outset, and you will have access to a range of support. Our teaching is informed by our cutting-edge research, and we also reflect what’s happening now in industry. There’s a strong emphasis on programming – but don’t worry if you don’t have A Level Mathematics because the course covers what you need to know.

Web development is turning the designs into a live website, it helps to make a website look great, work fast and perform well with a great user experience. Web development consists of the construction and maintenance of websites. Web developers use software tools and a variety of coding languages to develop the functionality and design of a website. The languages they use rely on the kinds of tasks they perform and the platforms on which they are working. This course is designed as a mixture of practical and academic study for those who aspire to be business owners.

Graduate Enterprise Optional,20 Credits

This module will introduce students to the fundamental technologies for developing web-based mobile applications and games. You will discover how web-based technologies and architectures can be deployed in mobile application and gaming contexts and learn to plan, design and implement web-based mobile applications and games. You will also develop the necessary skills required to test that your code is both correct and secure.

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  • It does so by using CSS media queries and changing the style, display type, width, height, etc., for the specific device every time.
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It enables you to create businesses that are tailored to the demands of your target market. You may bring consumers from all over the world and spread awareness to as many people as you wish. It’s also your digital sales representatives promoting your services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I needed to learn C# which is the predominant language taught on the Web Development course, along with SQL and database management.

Using software tools such as Framer, Sketch, or Adobe Photoshop to build the final layout design of the web. This includes all elements of the acquisition and integration of the product, including features of branding, design, usability, and function. Web developers can also use versioning functions to keep the history of the previous builds. In summary, Responsiveness and performance are the two main objectives of the Front-End. The developer must ensure that the site is responsive i.e. it appears correctly on devices of all sizes no part of the website should behave abnormally irrespective of the size of the screen.


The course has lived up to expectations teaching the skills I required for industry.” By using these design patterns it helps the system to become more flexible, allowing you to add or edit the code without breaking any of its functionality. This has been adopted by many professionals, causing it to be a required skill across the web development industry.” User experience design is the process that design teams use to build products that give meaningful and relevant experiences to users. UX design analyzes all aspects of the user’s experience, including how they are made to feel and how easily they can accomplish their goals. Back-end developers are provided the markup design by front-end developers.

Computer Science with Web Development BSc Hons

We would be delighted to talk to you about your work experience and qualifications, and help you to explore your options for study with us. Our Single Honours BSc Computer Science course is accredited by BCS – The Chartered Institute for visualt4.com IT. This accreditation is on the condition that a student must pass the final year project with a mark of 40% or above. TCP/IP comprises four layers that support different protocols and work together to enable internet connectivity.