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Cycling — there’s a massive vary of sports involving riding a bicycle. Curling — players slide stones on a sheet of ice in the direction of the goal area. Crossminton — badminton played with no web adapted to make it suitable for playing outdoor (previously referred to as Speed Badminton or Speedminton). Crossfit — a energy and conditioning program involving brief but excessive-depth exercises comprised of useful exercises. Not really a sport, however they do manage health competitions such as the CrossFit Games.

Barefoot Skiing — entails snowboarding barefoot on water with out the use of water skis. Balance Beam — a feminine Olympic Games gymnastics occasion during which a gymnast balances on a narrow horizontal bar raised off the floor, while performing exercises.

Autograss — a kind of Auto Racing on natural surfaces such as grass or mud, often held on quarter-mile oval tracks. Auto Racing — a sport involving the racing of automobiles for competition. There are quite a few totally different classes together with Formula 1, Touring Car, Rally Cars, Drag Racing, Stock Car Racing, Vintage Racing. Australian Handball — just like Squash, although played and not using a racquet. Artistic Billiards — a Carom Billiards discipline by which gamers score factors for performing 76 preset photographs of various issue.

Buzkashi — a Central Asian sport like polo during which riders on horses attempt to pull a goat carcass towards the aim. Bunnock — a kind of skittles sport which is performed with bones (commonly known as “Game of Bones”). British Baseball — a bat-and-ball game performed in Wales and England similar to rounders. Bocce — is part of the boules sport family, similar to bowls and pétanque a ball is thrown as close as possible to a smaller ‘jack’.

Bicycle Polo — similar to Polo, though performed on bicycles instead of horses. Behcup — much like putting in golf, although the balls are putted into a small aim and never into a hole. Beach Woodball — a version of Woodball played on sand which involves utilizing a mallet to move a ball through gates.

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  • Polo (Horse Polo) — a team sport played on horseback in which the target is to hit a ball into a goal using an extended-dealt with mallet.
  • Variations include Snow Polo, Elephant Polo, Cycle Polo, Yak Polo, Cowboy Polo plus many extra.
  • Water Polo — a staff sport performed in swimming swimming pools, the purpose is to cross the ball over the water and into the goal internet.
  • Unicycle Hockey — a team sport, similar to roller or inline hockey, although all rivals are using a unicycle and utilizing a tennis ball and ice-hockey sticks.

Canadian Football — a sort of gridiron football which is performed in Canada. Caber Toss — a traditional Scottish sport during which the competitors revolves around tossing forward a large tapered pole known as a caber.

Dog Sports — basic term for sporting actions that involve dogs (which are principally not even sports). Darts — a throwing game in which small missiles are thrown at a goal, which is called a dartboard. Danish Longball — a bat and ball sport developed in Denmark, like a hybrid of baseball and cricket. Dandi Biyo — a recreation from Nepal performed with two sticks; the lengthy stick is used to strike the shorter one within the air. Cyclo-Cross — a type of bicycle racing, a winter sport carried out over various terrain.

Crab Soccer or Crab Football — soccer with gamers supporting themselves on their hands and their toes, face up, which makes them appear to be crabs. Cowboy Polo — much like common Polo, although riders compete with western saddles, normally in a smaller enviornment and with an inflatable rubber medication ball.

Beach Soccer — much like affiliation soccer however played on a beach or sand. Beach Golf — a simplified model of golf performed on sand with a polyurethane foam ball. Basse — a bag ball sport from Norway in which the ball is saved from touchdown in the player’s space, utilizing any a part of the body except the arms. Basketball — gamers attempt to shoot the ball through the ring on the opponent’s courtroom, shifting the ball by throwing and dribbling. Barrel Racing — a rodeo occasion the place individuals and horses complete a clover-leaf pattern round barrels.

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Clean and Jerk — one of many occasions Olympic weight lifting competition. Chuckwagon Racing — a chuckwagon is pulled by four thoroughbred horses around a observe. Chinlone — the standard sport of Burma or Myanmar, a team sport mixed with dance (also known as Caneball). Canopy Piloting — a parachute skydiver performs aerial feats above a small physique of water.