Best Vitamins and Supplements For Runners

When it comes to running, the foremost thing on runner’s minds regarding their diets is the ingredients and the number of vitamins in them. There is an appropriate number of essential vitamins and minerals required to boost their performance in every meal of a runner.

And absence or trace supply of these vitamins and minerals can alter their muscle tissue and reduce their body’s immunity. If you are unaware of the essential vitamins and minerals required by a runner, you have come to the right spot.

All the necessary “need to know” will get highlighted. In addition, this post will reveal the essential vitamins and minerals required by every runner. Finally, and as a plus, the last part of this write-up will highlight other supplements that aid a runner’s performance on the tracks.

If, as a runner, your number one goal is to improve your running skills, you might need to check the foods you consume. If you go through Some online reviews related to Indian food delivery on US-Reviews, you’ll notice that these are the most essential vitamins and minerals mentioned by runners.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B-12 is one of the essential body nutrients required by the immune and nervous system for proper functionality. In addition, this body vitamin contributes extensively to the reduction in physical fatigue and tiredness. And this makes vitamin B-12 essential for runners because tiredness and fatigue are common factors to their activity.

The set of individuals exposed to vitamin B-12 deficiency mainly include vegans. However, some runners eating meals with little or no vitamin B-12 often exhibit deficiency signs.

Where to find it?

You can mostly find vitamin B-12 enriched in whole grains, meats, dairy, green vegetables, and nuts. Another source of vitamin B-12 in the absence of the above-listed foods is nutritional yeast.

Vitamin D

This is one of the most talked-about vitamins currently. Even Public Health England suggests that vitamin D is a reliable nutrient for runners, especially during the winter/autumn months. In addition, vitamin D is famous for its high contributing prowess to human bone health – making it crucial for runners.

The rays from the sun have proven to be a natural source of vitamin D. For people having trace vitamin D in their system; they are vulnerable to dull aches and stiff joints in their bones. The individuals mainly at risk of vitamin D deficiency are always indoors and have slight traces in meals.

Where to find it?

Although it is pretty challenging to find vitamin D in some foods, dairy products are the main sources. However, foods like orange juice, margarine, and bread show the presence of vitamin D.


This is a crucial energy producer and oxygen transporter around the body using the blood cells. It is also worthy to note that vitamin C alongside Iron is vital for a runner’s energy production and overall health during each run.

Primary, the set of individuals experiencing Iron deficiency are mainly female runners. And this is due to their menstrual cycle. Moreover, people who do not eat red meat, nuts, green vegetables, and beans are more likely to show deficient symptoms.

Where to find it?

Mainly found in poultry, beef, pork, and liver. Other sources include kidney beans, grains, and cereals.


This mineral contributes to bone health and proper nervous system operation. In addition, it regulates muscle function – preventing or causing fatigue. Unfortunately, most runners with a low intake of foods without magnesium suffer from its deficiency.

Where to find it?

Primarily found in green leafy vegetables, seeds, grains, beans, seafood, and nuts.

Other Supplement That Aid Running Performance

To boost your performance as a runner, you can try adding any of these supplements to your diet.

Bottom Line

The performance of a runner doesn’t depend only on the exercises and workouts done. The meal type and quality play an important role in determining a specific runner’s success. If you want to achieve greater running success, you might need to ensure your diet has all of the above-listed vitamins and minerals.